Thursday, April 21, 2011

Was I Wrong?

This week is spring break......whatever happened to Easter vacation? When I went to school (a few years ago ***wink***) we had Christmas vacation and Easter vacation. Now it's called winter or spring break... Everyone wants to take advantage of these Christian holidays but no mention of Christianity is allowed, I just had to get that off my chest.

Today my grandsons (as per mom's suggestion) called and asked if they could come over in the afternoon. Of course I said yes. The plan was to spend some time at the library and then attend church. Grandson J needed to call 2 people to thank them for BD gifts......he called my friend willingly but when it came to calling great grandma he wasn't in the I let him delay. When I finally made him do it he had a major fit..........he is EXTREMELY stubborn (the worst of mom and dad). Grandpa got mad, I 'm upset, J was bawling. Grandpa gave him an ultimatum, which J could not comply with so grandpa told him he couldn't go to church with me or come over on Saturday.....then he cried harder. I really try to stay out of the situation when grandpa gets involved. Later I walked into the living room and tried to get J to calm down. He finally was quiet and agreed to apologize to grandpa, but grandpa just yelled at him. Hubby says I baby him, just like I babied J's dad..???...we've had plenty of disagreements over him. :-( I guess I just feel for the 'underdog', I try to be compassionate. so..........against grandpa's wishes I took the boys to church.........I know K is mad b/c he would not even say good bye to J when he left, he had the door shut and only said good bye to grandson S. I've learned that it's best to let hubby calm down (same as it is with my grandson). I know it was probably wrong to have taken the boys to church when grandpa said he had to go home but I felt it was more important to calm J down (as opposed to taking him home screaming & crying) and try to explain things to him, and that he go to church. (Grandpa grudgingly said he didn't care, just before we left.)
What do you think?
thanks for helping me muddle through this


  1. I think you and Grandpa should show a united front, and yes, you do kind of baby J.

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  4. I dont have grand kids yet--so you are lucky on that count. I make a poor dear abby--I'd be giving very unconventional advice!

  5. My husband and I used to fight over what I let the grand kids get away with all the time. I finally convinced him that we raised our kids and these kids are our reward. It is up to us to create good memories; not bad. I prayed about it for so long and hubby finally gets how much fun it is to have cupcakes for dinner and stay up late reading stories and watching scary movies. Actually be careful what you pray for because hubs is probably worse than me now:)

  6. Lori in Los AngelesApril 23, 2011 at 12:39 AM

    Grumpy grandpa needs a nap.
    Grandmas spoil grandchildren - that is what grandmas DO. : )

  7. Thanking people is the basics of behavior. He needs to learn it. Otherwise he will have some social should not lead to drama. I am so sorry. This is hard !
    Hope you get a good Easter week end :)
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  8. Grandparents are always right! (sometimes) :)

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