Tuesday, April 26, 2011

an Addiction to Sunshine

Have you read the title to my blog? CHOCOLATE; one of my many addictions? Yes, I have several....and one is sunshine. No, I don't bake in the sun to turn brown, I just love to soak up some rays, especially after a long winter, like this one. Finally it was a warm and sunny Monday and I was off. After I ran my errands (got some Easter candy 1/2 price at Walgreen's) I grabbed the magazine I picked up at the thrift store and sat outside for over an hour. The sky was so blue, the sun so warm, and it was so peaceful. I even ate my lunch outside.

Sunday we went out for Easter dinner with extended family and the some of them stopped over to visit. The kids played and the guys played cards. I made a really light, later supper before Jessica and her family went home. Fortunately I got the house 95% picked up before they were gone so I didn't have a big mess today.

You may remember that I have a Nook color....well, Monday the much awaited update came out. I updated mine as soon as I learned about it. I checked out the new apps and synched my email account...with a little trouble. I was on with tech support for 15 - 20 minutes and suddenly I had it completed successfully (and neither support nor I knew how I did it). I called support b/c it just would cooperate, I watched the video, read the instructions, and it still wouldn't work. I like my 'gadgets' so had to have this done!!! A couple hours later - Viola! It is done :-)

All of a sudden it was after 3pm and all I had done was washed the dishes.....better get something done before hubby gets home from work....I don't want him to think I sit on the computer all day...tho I did a lot of that. I put some Easter decorations away, scrubbed the kitchen floor, got the laundry washed and supper was cooking. :-)

I'm glad I took monday off to regenerate under the sun....thunderstorms on tuesday (when I'm at work).


  1. I always buy candy after a holiday at cheaper prices...especially for my students! Who wants to pass up a sale on chocolate!
    I sent you an email...hope I can help!

  2. I also love the sun--and here in NE we are sun stahved! We got some on sunday for a few hours--gone now. hope it comes our way!