Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am overwhelmed

This morning I was up early (have a lot do to, it looks like the egg hunt might be held) and grabbed a cut of tea and turned on my computer.....I checked my blog and I am overwhelmed by all the comments on my last post. :-) Thank you for your comments and emails. Some were for and some against .....I totally understand. I appreciate knowing that you read my odd thoughts. Grandson J is very stubborn and has to learn that HE is not the boss, I know that. But grandpa gives orders "stop it now or else" and then walks away, he refuses to talk, whether to the child or adult. J needs to learn how to calm himself down and listen. It's easy to get along with agreeable folks........but not so much with the disagreeable ones. We had many of the same troubles with J's dad. :-(

I am so frustrated with myself, I tried on the dress I was thinking of wearing tomorrow and I look like a big, stuffed, old, matronly woman. If I don't like any of my other (few dresses that are all the same color-browns, black, with a little green or turquoise thrown in) I will be $@)*^$# and just wear pants! I think some day I am going to look for a dress that is pretty and looks good on me. I'll have to plan a shopping day out of town b/c we have nothing here. I also need to stop eating every sweet thing that is in front of me. What happened to that skinny girl who was a fussy eater???? yes, I was skinny and fussy.

It's only 7:30am right now and the sky is pretty gray, but the sun might peek out later and no significant rain is predicted and the boys are looking forward to the egg hunt so I hope to have it. I also invited our 7 yr old nephew to join in. The parents are invited for a late lunch after the egg hunt, but I doubt if the boy's parents will show up. I am making a very simple lunch of sloppy Joe's. I have 78 eggs to hide (after I took out a few to hide for (almost) 3 yr old M and some to put in my other grands baskets). Hopefully hubby will help me hide them. Before all the mayhem occurs I have to stop at the grocery store and buy some essentials....good thing there isn't a clothing store here or I'd be tempted.......

Once again thanks to all who stopped by and left a comment. I will be checking out your blogs!

Hope you have a happy and blessed Easter!!!!


  1. The skinny girl may be gone...but the sexy woman is on the scene!! With your coloring, you can look fabulous in color for very little money!! Do not be discouraged...its time to develop a whole new style and blow the socks off your chldren!! Your can easily do this...if you need any help, just let me know!!

  2. I agree with Pam. Maybe you just need to change your style a bit to go with your new figure. I like a sweater on you. How about a dress with a sweater or jacket?

  3. Linda - My grandkids are visiting or I would have stayed longer. It was good to "meet" you!

    I have gained some weight, too. I'm too stubborn to go out and spend a lot of money on new clothes. I DID break down and buy a new top to go with my (now famous) black velvet skirt. It will have to do until I get back into my old wardrobe!

    I'll be back when I can stay longer.