Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weighing My Options

Today is my day off and I really don't need to leave the house...and it's gray, windy, and cold out (33). Should I stay home and straighten up and then craft? OR should I drop off some stuff at church and then hit the thrift store? (both are nearby) After weighing my options I decided to take less than an hour and stop at 'St Vinnie's'. I'm glad I did. I ran into a good friend and she had some homemade Carmel corn for me :-) Yup! it's gone already. And I found some great bargains: A 'looks like new' dress shirt with tie, long sleeve polo, and had knit sweater....all for my grandsons. I don't know if mom will appreciate the hand made sweater for the baby, but I think it is adorable. I seldom buy things for the boys anymore. I also found a classic The Good Earth by Pearl S Buck. I am keeping a FEW classic books. The small shelf will be a home for some paper punches. A brand new photo frame and an adorable, beaded cellphone purse (which I have no idea what I will do with it.)
And some 'toys': glow in the dark necklaces & bracelets (always a hit the the younger crowd), reindeer rubber ducky, stretch book cover, Florida patch (to use in scrapbook), cut rock key chain, '40' pin (that I will re purpose using a technique I saw on one of the blogs I follow), wooden craft sticks that are for building things....(bridges? boys like to make things), and track ball (?) thingies.
All of these 'fabulous' items for........are you sitting down....................$7.35. Not bad, huh? Some days are worth it. :-) Now I will have some lunch and then clean up a bit so I can craft! I have a self-imposed rule that I have the house straightened up before I can 'play'.....I have been known to be a rule breaker :-0


  1. I adore thrifting. :) It's one of my new favorite things! I am a bargain shopper anyway (my "M" post for tomorrow's A-Z is all about "markdown mania"!!) so spending pennies on the dollar at a thrift store is so satisfying! Great finds!

  2. good choice lady! thrifting has been my fave way to shop forever. my whole life actually, never lets me down :)

  3. I love thrifting,especially when I can get some great deals! You did good on this trip!