Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh, How She Doth Love...

or is she just a hoarder???? That's the question. Even though we are lucky to see 50 I decided to pack away my heavy, dark sweaters so I had to pull out my tank tops. I counted.....23 solid colors (included 4 black and 4 dark brown) and 16 printed tops. :-O That count does not include the dressier tops that I have hanging in the closet. Oh, 'woe is me'. Yes, I will be going through them as I wear and determine what to keep and what to donate. How many black & white tops does a person need??? I am kind of anal and 'need' to have the perfect shade of green (or whatever color) to match what I am wearing. This is probably more than you needed to know...but it's my life.


  1. Mine mysteriously disappear into my teenagers closet...maybe I should send them over.

    Just an idea...when it comes to tanks I buy them in every color from Chico's Travelers collection. Not really a fan of Chico', but the beautiful part is they never fade!

    Nice to find your blog. If you have a moment stop over and see me, I am just starting back up, but I will be posting.

    Always Summer

  2. I agree with Lesa...I love the Travelers tank..have had three of them for years and it is true they do not fade or fall out of shape..making the price worth it!

    I hope you can stop by my site today...I have a story on there I think you will like!!

  3. Hello, fellow tall blogger! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog the other day. Your blog is lovely and this post makes me laugh because I have a whole drawer that has nothing but tank tops in it. Including probably 3 or 4 black and at least 5 white. Some of them are even exact duplicates of each other.

    I know I should get rid of them, but I am not a fan of sheer stuff, so I am always using my tanks to layer. So, yes, I have a lot, but I wear them a lot too. Most of them at least. ;-)