Friday, April 29, 2011

Time's a Wastin'

How do you waste your time? Is it really wasting time?
Monday I wasted time while I was sitting & reading in the sunshine on our deck, something I often do in nice weather. But I don't think it's wasting time......I NEED quiet time, alone, with the sun. I'm a happier person if I am not 'peopled out'.
Watching TV is another way I waste time, and I think of it as a true time waster. Generally I am doing something when I sit in front of the 'boob tube'. I often write letters, read magazines, talk on the phone, sort things, etc. when the TV is on. I never have TV on during the day and in the summer is comes on much later in the evening...."when it's dark, it's night and safe to turn on the TV but when it's light outside it's time to do things".
But my real time waster is the computer and my NOOKcolor. My laptop is on my kitchen table so it's soooooooooo easy to peek at it and end up staying for an hour (or 2). On the positive side it's really nice to be able to look up a recipe and have it right here. I like allrecipes, it allows you to have your personal recipe book online. I use to have to print the recipe, bring it upstairs, and then I'd loose it anyway, now it's easily accessible. The other night I was tired but wanted to check email so I took my laptop and sat in my recliner in front of the TV and was there until almost 1am...........I am usually in bed before 10pm. After that I couldn't sleep so I had the TV and my Nookcolor on until about 2am. :-( Several nights ago I was trying to figure out my email on my ereader and ended up fooling around for over an hour there too.....I never did get it figured out so will have to call customer support. (heavy sigh)


  1. It is not wasting time. It is called relaxing. A time to renew an regenerate.

  2. Not only are you are expanding your mind when you are reading and getting much needed Vitamin D when in the sun. Sitting quietly is really important for all of us. We do not take enough time to be still! I also have to have time away from people in order to be surrounded by people all day long. Not wasting time...but growing!