Monday, April 4, 2011

Trivia Time

While I am having my morning tea and eating chocolate chip Amish bread I thought I'd share some of my thoughts.

What I heard while laying in bed and listening to the radio early this morning:
1) Southwest Airlines has had 2 'malfunctions' in the past week....that is the airlines Hubby took to and will be returning from AZ on....makes ya think, eh?

2) Cover a burn with flour to prevent blisters. I checked this on and it is only an old wives tale, running cool water over the affected area is the still the best action.

Today I have my usual Monday morning errands....I wanted to meet a friend for coffee, but she is busy :-( We scheduled a date for next Monday. My budget has to be worked out!!! (Maybe if I post my intentions it will get done) This afternoon I am going to work on a new flower making technique for cards or scrapbooks, I will post the results tonight (I hope).

After a day of rain, snow, thunder & lightening, and hail yesterday today we just have gray. It's above freezing tho....(trying to look on the bright side). Tomorrow morning we will have sun (YES) and high 40's, the snow will be melting again.

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