Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dysfunctional families

Sometimes I just wanna move under a rock in the sunshine and crawl under the "radar". The weekend seemed like it'd be a good one. K left before noon for his vacation....a few minutes later bff picked me up and we met her sister for some shopping and an early supper. I picked up grandson J and baby L came over a bit later. SS E was pleasant and cheerful. Baby L??? he doesn't know us or my house so he had a couple of screaming fits. After dad picked him up J and I made some popcorn and he went to bed. I watched TV for a bit. Took him to Sunday School (he loves it), came home & he made a card for Granddaughter A, and then mom picked him up.

Weeeeellllll person X accused me of gossiping, when I asked what I said I got "you know, if I tell you you will just say you didn't say it". Some of my friends were brought into it and I called them to see what they had to say (not that I distrust them, just looking to find out what X is talking about). Person Y wouldn't answer the here I sit. Chest pounding, tears flowing, and clueless. If it wasn't for person B I would just disassociate myself from them.

Bff and SIL calmed me down and I will now try to let it go. This is so hurtful. I'd like to know what I am accused of. ....

a couple of hours later.....I did talk to person Y and it wasn't that big of a deal. X likes to blow things way out of proportion. I feel so much better, even tho I did not accomplish much.

I did make Gnochhi soup

Tonight I have to make a birthday card for you! sorry I am late again with the card.
I guess the best thing is that I won't have to use eye makeup remover tonight. ;-) And......I think there is a new Desperate Housewives episode on tonight....I hope, I hope.

BTW my life normally does not have such drama.....


  1. So sorry you have to deal with that drama crap.

  2. Yeah, you survived to write about it! BFF W.