Monday, April 4, 2011

Three Dimensional Flowers

'Debbie Downer' has left the building and has been replaced with chocolate lovin' Linda. I saw a video showing these 3 dimensional flowers last night and I took the afternoon off to one will see my dirty dishes except me and I don't care if they don't get washed until after a delicious supper consisting of some sort of frozen dinner. OK, I took some double sided paper and punched out seven 1-1/4"circles. You could use any size of circle punch. Fold in one side and then the next to form a cone shape. Place side by side (point in the center) to form a flower and glue down with your favorite adhesive, no glue dots needed for the dimension. I THINK 1 first class stamp would be sufficient. I like the button center (a tribute to Shirley from FL) but you could use a punch from the same patterned paper.
I received my Vagabond last week and did some experimenting yesterday. I used the hard plastic packaging from something I bought and ran it through with embossing plates. The paisley butterfly was sprayed with a glitter Shimmer mist, it doesn't really show up. I think I will try a color on one of the other items.


  1. I love your flower.

  2. These flowers are beautiful and you made it look so easy! i might have to try this sometime!!

  3. Love it all! You could have used it for my bd card!

  4. I need to try these flowers...very pretty!
    Have you ever made medallions?
    Tried them in Tx. this winter and used to decorate TP books.
    Is a Vagabond like the Cuttlebug (which I already have and could use?!)

  5. EWWW i am salivating and already my mind is buzzing with xmas cards using this flower....oh boy! Thanks so much linda!