Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Day to Myself

Yesterday morning I promised myself that I could sleep in today....but if you check the time on this post you'll see that I did not....I was up about 4:30AM....not my usual m.o. But hey, it's my day off and I can do whatever I choose to.......I am selfish in that way.

Monday was kinda wasted, Tuesday I worked and had a Red Hat meeting. It was fun...we ate (one important item on our agenda), did the crossword puzzle I made up (see previous post in March), and decorated eggs. We have some talented and imaginative women in our group. My egg looked like crap....I had to laugh at it. I used some markers that didn't dry and the faced I drew on it smudged. Wednesday I worked, I didn't think I'd have anything to do....but whenever I think that TONS of things come up that I have to do. I don't mind at all, I prefer to be busy. Grandson J and I went to church for supper and service. He likes going on

Wednesday nights....not sure if it is b/c we get a piece for our cross every week or just the socializing. It's good to see him feeling comfortable with the people and Pastor. he has always liked our Pastor. He commented (regarding communion-he knew we don't have it during lent) when the acolyte light the 2 altar candles and he had a question about the candles on the processional cross. He slept (on my lap) through most of the sermon....or so I thought. On the way home he brought up the fact that they 'gambled for Jesus' clothes) so we discussed it and how painful crucifixion is. After I dropped him off at his other grandparents house I watched a little of Extreme Couponing on TLC and finally folded the 2 baskets of clothes that have been waiting for me for several days.

That brings me to this (early) morning. I was planning to stay home and clean, do laundry, bake, and make some cards. But no, I have to go the grocery store and get chocolate chips for the Amish bread that I will bake today but I should have baked it yesterday. J and I love the chocolate chip bread, I'll also make the plain (hubby eats that), and if I can find a recipe for it I'd like to try it with bananas. I can't find the chocolate chips I had....maybe I ate them???? ;-) As long as I am out I'll drop off some more books....I still have 2 boxes left, even though I drop some off several times a week. Oh yeah, I hve to put gas in my car .....I've been putting that off....yesterday it was $3.75 gal.

Next is friday.... YAY!!!!! I and bff are going to Archivers to take this class....that's why I have to fill my gas tank. Hopefully we can leave early and stop at Savers (thrift store) first. We want to get back early enough for 'Happy Hour' at a friends home.

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