Sunday, August 28, 2011


Why? Why? Why?
Miriam Webster on line dictionary defines WHY -"for what cause, reason, purpose". Kinda lame if ya ask me, but...............

....but how can why be defined?

I find myself asking "why?" quite often....just the other day I asked my friend why she asked her co-worker to give her a book back. Why did I even care? It was of no concern to/didn't affect me at all. It was nothing to gossip about. I asked my grandsons why they went to the Wizards Kingdom the other day. I asked my friend why she wants to go on a mission trip. Is it on your 'bucket list'? I asked hubby why one of his co-workers quit. I don't even know the guy, it won't affect hubby. I asked my SIL why the mother of her son's friend is not around most of the time and only the dad is. I don't even know the people. I've asked my boss why he doesn't like to do inspections at one certain location. I asked another, retired, friend why he wants to move back to WI from AZ. Why won't my BIL 'allow' his wife to leave her lawn chair on their front porch?

Am I really nosey or what??? If/when I get the answer I don't discuss it with anyone. I think I just like to know what makes people 'tick'. What do you think? Am I just a 'butinsky'? Do you ask 'why?' too or are you like most of my friends to whom it never occurs to ask 'why?'. Why do you feel that way????

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