Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some of Today's Treasures

You know it.........I stopped at the thrift store garages sales though. I had to pick up a birthday gift for my granddaughter and a few other I might as well stop and see what they have, right???
Got this cute Red Hat wallet (with checkbook - looks new) for $1.00. I also bought the vintage red necklace (the chain will have to be replaced), a Green Bay Packer t-shirt for one of the boys, a leather belt, long sleeved t-shirt for me, and maybe some other things that I can't think of now. The wallet is a pretty purple, even though it looks bluish here.

Before I came home I stopped at Fleet Farm to get some nuts so I could fix the training wheels on grandson's bike. Hubby did not have the size we needed and was making no attempt to locate I did what I always do....take maters into my own hands. I will probably need him to tighten the nuts up muscles in these arms/hands.


  1. I see NOTHING wrong with the way you are.(you meanie,LOL!)I tried to raise my son that way,but after awhile I had to stop threatening and fighting.I picked and chose my battles.I do still threaten at times.As long as my kid is GOOD and does not get in trouble,things are fine.So far,so good.I amy be leniant with a few things but I have always told him 'the way it is' since I have had plenty of life experiences.

  2. I love your treasures....wonder which thrift store? I can only guess! Oh well, some of us had to work!