Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Am Just A Big Ol' Meanie

I've been called a: mean mom, step mom, and even a mean grandma ......with so many people agreeing it must really be true???? And why do they say that?

1) I have always made the kids help with chores around the house. I work and they are a part of the family and need to learn how to keep up a home, be part of a family, and have cleaning be part of scheduled life. Personally, a dirty bathroom really grosses me out .....and I'll stop there.
2) I didn't allow anyone to sit in front of the TV all day/night.
3) I strongly encourage reading.
4) Sunday school & church were not optional.
5) Rules are made to be matter whose they are.
6) If a 'thank you' is called for and not given in person a phone call or note is necessary.
7) I encouraged high school students to work.
8) I think giving is more important that receiving and stress that......young children can make something or buy a very cheap gift with their own is not the same if money is given to use for it.
9) Solving your own problem is encouraged by me. THINK! Learn how to do it yourself!
10) I think it's OK to stay home sometimes and be alone....quiet time is good.
11) It's better to start off strict and lighten up later.
Those are my Top 10 Reasons.

WHY was/am I so mean? Because my goal was/is to give society moral, intelligent, kind, hardworking, individuals who can think for themselves, take the initiative, and who don't depend upon government or another individual for their happiness & survival in life.

Was I successful! For the most part I was :-) Do the 'kids' still think I was/am mean? Don't know.

My personality is that of an independent person who likes quiet time alone. That resulted from my very early years (that were not 'Donna Reed' perfect) and the genes that I got from my mom. Yes, I am very opinionated and sometimes can't understand why you can't see that my way is the right way. *wink* I really love the people I love, I want everyone I love to get along, I love giving people things (something I need to cut back on), I think I'm a good listener. End Of Soapbox Lecture.


  1. This is not meanness--this is teaching appropriate sense of self. I used to joke with my children that I was "the meanest momma on the block" and I am sure there were moments when they fully agreed.