Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A P..EEEK!!! at My Day

I have this week off :-) so I am trying to do whatever I want. Yesterday I had some errands to run. My day started early this morning, I couldn't sleep and my back hurt so I was up before 5. Hubby was still home. He was getting ready for work and called me to come downstairs with a serious voice, I wondered what was broken now.....I follow him into the bathroom and he lifts up the lid on the toilet, there on the side of the bowl sits a mouse....just looking. OMG! I am not 'freaked out' by mice but I certainly don't like them, especially in my house, in my toilet. He flushed twice and I used a 3rd flush. Guess what? I haven't used the downstairs bathroom at all today. I did clean it...but no sitting down on the job, get my drift??? I seldom get up at night to use the bathroom but if I do I never turn on the light and look into the toilet bowl......I think I will from now on....or else nothing to drink for me after supper. We have never had a mouse problem. I really want a cat now! Since I was up so early and got my computer time in I was able to bake 4 small loaves of zucchini bread (2 were chocolate, of course) and get some cleaning done. I was suppose to attend a Ladies Night Out for church but was cleaning/baking so opted to stay home. I think I'd like to be a 'stay at home grandma'....I'd have time to clean, cook, craft, read, hit the thrift stores, and take a day for grandkids (every week). That will have to wait a few years though.

This past weekend I went with some friends to see the movie "The Help". I really liked and it and recommend it to all. I live in WI and in small towns, I don't think I saw a Black/Negro (not sure what is politically correct here) until I was an adult. It really made me see how they were treated. I laughed at some scenes and cried other time. I haven't read the book yet, I prefer to read the book before I see the movie but that wasn't possible.

One of the fashion bloggers I follow said that tonight is the start of the new What Not To Wear season, not sure if I will watch it.........it's too nice to be inside, so I am going to sit outside and read for a bit tonight.


  1. Okay- I'm TERRIFIED of mice and think I would have probably moved out LOL. I don't blame ya, I'd get a cat!!

  2. Oh, it is simply the time of year that outdoor mice begin to scout out a warm place for the winner. Be glad that you found this one, but I know it would make me nervous too.

  3. i'M SO SORRY, but that is so funny!
    I hate mice!