Monday, August 1, 2011

it's National Girlfriends Day!

We DESERVE a special day.....we take turns holding each other up....or sometimes 'kicking' each other in the seat of the pants.....laughing & crying together.....sometimes talking, sometimes listening......not passing judgement.....complaining about husbands and kids......'bragging' about the same husband and kid.....spend hours shopping (maybe not even buying a thing) or talking on the phone......just sharing life. We never break up with each other for someone else, although sometimes life moves us in different directions. Remember to give a shout out to your girlfriends!!!!! and NEVER break a date with a girlfriend for one with a guy friend......(at least that's my opinion).


  1. I had not heard this until I read your post...wish I had...I would have sent special messages to all of my girlfriends!! At least I can tell those of you on the blogs, HAPPY GF DAY!!!

  2. What a sweet post. I've always had men friends more than girl friends, as I've always worked mostly with men. I see you are a red hat girl, so you have lots of friend gatherings on those outings.

  3. Hi Linda, Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I guess I am too old fashioned for a Nook, I just missed having a book in my hands.

    I bought the very first nook that came out and it cost $200, now I never use it.

    Didn't about girlfriends day.

  4. I agree. I love my besties....