Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cheap Fun

Saturday morning I had to run to Walgreen's and I stopped at a couple of garage sales on the way. I hit the jackpot big at this one: Old Navy fleece jacket (never worn) for $1, it fits me like a dream. Nice Nike basketball shorts for my nephew for $1. and.....drum roll........child's golf bag containing a wood, driver, and putter (all in excellent condition)............for...........$3. I was so excited for my grandsons. Grandson J said "not interested, not interested at all", but his brother was so happy. He was hitting balls right away, we even went across the street so he could practice. So much joy for $3, I am happy!!!


  1. Great finds! I love finding yard sales like that, they make my entire day.

  2. Yes, you made a great haul! I still like what I found: the ribbon, chalks, stamp etc.