Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Day For Myself

This week I took off as vacation, as you know I didn't go anywhere special. I have cleaned, shopped, spend time with my grandson & friends. But today I decided to do something that I really want to.....I kinda wanted to clean (not that I love cleaning but I do like it when it's done - then I can 'reward' myself with time to craft or read). I had a scrapbook page in my head that I wanted to do for my upcoming Washington DC trip (next month) and I decided to get it done today. Here it is:

I think you can click on it to enlarge. My scrapbook pages are not fit for a magazine...they are simple. I used the brochure that caught my eye about the trip. The Iwo Jima flag raisers is from a post card album that I found at the thrift store.........brand new with 30 9" x 4-1/4" postcards. The 'page from my diary' in the upper left tells how I am feeling about the upcoming trip (being an introvert I like to explain how I am feeling and not just what I saw/did). I crumpled it so give it some texture and interest. The star buttons across the top were all the same....until I decided to add something and had to remove one..... When it came time to put it on again I could not find it....I needed 5 buttons, 4 would not do. I looked all over and decided that I'd have to change 2 buttons b/c one odd button would look stupid. After I put the 2 new buttons on I found the missing button...........stuck to my pinkie finger. I knew it was stuck onto something. **smile**

Now it's time for lunch and maybe some time to read outside on the deck???? I think so! It's a beautiful, sunny, not too hot day and I'm gonna embrace it!


  1. Oh, it has been too long since I scrapbooked, but I am busy snapping photos of the days as they pass.