Monday, August 8, 2011

She's 3!!!

Our youngest granddaughter is 3 today, her party was on Saturday in her parents backyard. The day was perfect, the food good, and the joy - priceless. It was a nice, relaxing, enjoyable afternoon. Mom & dad had a cookout with just family and a few friends. One of the things we gave her was a sprinkler that the kids enjoyed.

Her kiddy pool looked like a perfect place for me to lay and read a book on a hot summer day. I didn't realize the 'pillow rest' is actually a slide.

The boys like to help the birthday girl open gifts.

My cake!!!

I can't wait any longer!

More ugly clouds on the way home......we missed the storm. We had 2 of our grandsons with us. Both slept on the way back (1-1/2 hr drive).

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  1. What a lovely birthday she had, and that cake!!!