Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Day in Clintonville/Marion

What's in Clintonville or Marion? (you might ask) 1) A beautiful small park filled with sunshine and covered by a carpet of red, yellow, and orange leaves. 2) My grandchildren playing soccer. It was really nice to see my son & daughter in law enjoying their son and daughter participating in a sport.

3) The most beautiful small town main street in the state when autumn is upon us.

4+) And my mom; sister; the graves of my grandparents, dad, and baby sister. I drove past my old house (in the boonies) was really interesting to see how the present owner has made many, many improvements. I knew that place had potential. I had some extra time for myself and took advantage of being in the area. Yes, it was a beautiful day. But I'd NEVER want to live there again. Sorry if I have offended any 'natives'.

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