Monday, October 18, 2010

Fashion faux pas? or Fashion statement? and more

You decide. I have made my decision...... (and yes, those are both of my feet-I didn't realize my toes were so deformed from arthritis). These are the shoes I wore to work last Friday-- the total outfit consisted of a pretty, dark purple shirt under a purple cardigan, and jeans. It was cold Friday morning so I grabbed a jacket and put on my shoes at the same time. Our closet contains the 'shoe mountain' where most of the time I just kick off my shoes. Well, Birkenstocks all look the same when they are upside down and the lights are off in the house. I slipped on my shoes and drove to work....When I bent over to uncover the computer tower at work that is what I saw and I burst into laughter, then panicked. I knew hubby was coming to town but he wasn't home. I called SIL and she was off work and very graciously agreed to bring me a black shoe. I probably could have gotten away with that at work........I am the only one who is in the office, my bosses come in once in a while but the guys don't really notice what shoes I am wearing. I usually run errands at noon and would have been very self conscious. Thanks Michele for bringing me a black shoe!
Saturday we went to my aunts funeral. It was good to see cousins whom I haven't seen in 30 years or so....but not under those circumstances. My mom's family did not keep in touch, my mom is very quiet and not a social butterfly.
Sunday morning I woke up with terrible back pain. After I finally got a chance to sit and ice it for a while it was better. Before I took grandson J home we went to the pumpkin farm to get a few pumpkins..............$23 later we left. Whew, they are expensive!
A busy week lies ahead.................hope a good week is in store for you! Thanks for stopping by.

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