Tuesday, October 12, 2010


*** Yesterday I called Onstar and complained about the lousy service I received on Sunday. Even though I had the correct spelling and highway the person could not find the location. When I 'googled' the name it came up immediately. I sternly complained and got 2 free months (for them to prove themselves to me) from the supervisor. That helps b/c I was due to renew in Nov and now I will have until Jan.
*** Step-son went the the Dr today accompanied by his aunt. He has been in pain, can't eat, and has lost LOTS of weight. Monday they will do a colonoscopy to test for Crohn's disease. Aunt Deb went along b/c she has it and knows all the right questions to ask. Crohn's is a young person's disease :-( and unfortunately Deb know all about it. She is an excellent advocate for anyone with questions or concerns.
*** The Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood show was soooooooooo funny. Sister in law and I laughed so hard that most of my mascara was off. After seeing them it is easier for me to believe in improv......I used to think it was all set up, but now I can see that some people can think fast and are funny! Our Hubby's (who refuse to show emotion) MIGHT have smiled a bit. Two of my bosses were there and they agreed that it was FUNNY. I would have liked to stop for a drink after but our 'sticks in the mud' went straight home. (BIL had to work the next day). The area has such a nice theater with some great shows.
*** Our weather is still nice but it is cooling off.......the peak color (leaves) is over, in fact many trees are bare already.
*** Last night I went to the Stamp a'long and got to make some cute cards..........to be posted soon, I hope.

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