Friday, October 29, 2010

Can you believe it?

I remember what other 'blond' thing I did....that was so funny: I was reading email on my laptop before work the other day and have a cordless mouse ( I hate touch pads). The battery in the mouse kept dying and I couldn't navigate the windows and close down, so here I am trying to figure out how to shut the laptop down using the arrow keys..........should I try CTRL, ALT, DEL? I fooled around with the mouse and finally got it to work so I could shut down. Later, at work, while using the laptop and touch pad, I remembered my laptop has a touch pad too. How spoiled is that????
The latest news in the area is that Penney's is closing in January. That leaves us with Younkers and Kohls to shop less choice. Penney's is the only store in a decrepit old mall that is to be torn down next year.
Off to work..........have a great weekend!!

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