Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween decor

I have been wanted to make a pumpkin totem for many years.........but never took action. Today, I finally did it! Thanks, MOM, for bestowing on me the attitude of "I can do it" and teaching me 'where there's a will, there's away'!!!
The first thing I did was to see what I could use to hold the pumpkins together, I found rebar(?) or some metal post with a pointed end in the garage...Eureka!!! It was a tall stake. Next I determined where I wanted my totem and watered the down soil so it would be soft enough to pound in my stake. I started the holes in the pumpkins with a screw driver (probably not the best solution, but it worked). Then I made sure each pumpkin fit onto the stake, pounded it DEEP into the soil and VIOLA!!! my totem. Normally I wouldn't put out such elaborate decorations but the grandkids enjoy it :-) I was going to wait until next week to make it but the weatherman is predicting cold, rain, and possible snow showers next week. :-( wahhhhh!!!!


  1. I love the totem pole. How fun!

  2. You are amazing! Love the totem!

  3. Love it! I did more decorating when Logan enjoyed it,now he does not care.