Sunday, October 10, 2010

Corn Maze

This warm (77 degree) afternoon we went to the corn maze. I didn't realize we had to drive so far on HWY 151 and I didn't have my mapquest directions so I called Onstar to get directions..............they were overloaded and couldn't take my call. So then I tried calling the 800 was a recording.....I called Onstar again and they could not find the place....grrrr.... Usually I am pleased with their service. We drove back 8 miles and stopped at a gas station for directions....and found out we were about 1 mile away when we turned around.
'the "boys" lead the way'

'reading the clues - which way now?'
Yes, we DID finally make it out after about an hour of wandering around in the cornfield. We all agreed that is was fun!


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