Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hang onto the babies

High winds today, very high gusts are expected. In fact the weather man said they are calling it the 'Great Lakes Cyclone'. We will experience high winds all day until 7pm tomorrow. Good thing I just got my hair cut and it is short! If my scarecrow windsock is still out I am going to grab it and bring it in.
Yesterday was a good day. A friend called me (unexpectedly) and we met for tea and a nice visit. Then I had an appointment to get my hair colored, I am not happy.........it doesn't look any different than when I went in. The gal who did it was excellent, the color is just not exactly what I was looking for.
Next I was off to WalMart (woo hoo - said sarcastically) to get some groceries...........I forgot my list so had to guess at it. While I was there I picked up some ICY HOT for my back, they do not have BIO FREEZE and I think they aer pretty much the same.
I work today, Red Hat Halloween party tonight.
Work Wednesday.
Book Club Halloween party Thursday night.
Work Friday.
Making ham dinner on Saturday and having the boys over for some Halloween 'festivities'.
Then it's time to start packing for Florida. :-)
hope you are having a good week too!

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