Friday, May 23, 2014

Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's Off to Nashville I Go!

Sunday morning I was up at 4AM so I could be on the road by 5, as usual I was a little late. I wasn't trying to wake him but my grandson heard me and he was up at 4:30, so was Kev. 
Neither of them went back to bed later.
The sunrise was so pretty, and thankfully it was in back of us, this photo doesn't do it justice. 
We started off our bus trip at 7:40 at the Ryan road park and ride south of Milwaukee, sooo easy to find. We were the last ones on and 5 minutes after we sat down we had a bloody mary in hand. YES! We're on V A C A T I O N!!!
On the way there we watched Walk The Line, the biographical movie about Johnny Cash. Loved it!

Day 1 in Nashville, I wanted a picture because I still had most of my hair and thought I looked cute. I put my little headband on and didn't touch my hair all day. I have since donned hats.

On day 1 we drove through Curtiswood lane and say many beautiful home that had previously been owned by: Tex Ritter, Minnie Pearl (when she was home her car was parked in the carport and the band vehicle was also parked outside), Eddie Arnold, Webb Pierce, Hank Williams, Tammy Wynette, Roseanne Cash, the governor's mansion which has an underground barroom, and more. We didn't get any good pictures because the house are set back and there are a lot of tress in front of them.
On the way to Music Square we had to drive around the circle and saw the 'Musica' statue.

Nine larger-than-life nudes cavort and float up to 40 feet in the air. At the apex, a naked woman holds aloft a tambourine. Prudish locals howled (and not about the tambourine) but the statues remain.      (quote I found online) 
Our guide told us that when the hockey teams wins they'll be wearing hockey jersey's and on St Patrick's day they're wearing kilts....just a little trivia. 

***end of today's vacation post, more to come***
I had my 2nd chemo treatment yesterday, it went really well. Since I was there over the noon hour they fed me delicious creamy of vegetable soup and a sandwich and some juice. After Edie put my laptop on a chair (because sometimes the side tables don't hold) my side table fell down, spilling my water, juice, and ice tea. Go figure! I napped a little yesterday afternoon but felt pretty good, better than I remember feeling last time. Could the probiotics and vitamin I am taking be the difference? The birds woke me up too early today so I might take a short nap this morning before I go in for my Nuelasta injection. I am also going to get hydration while I am there....I have the time and the nurses keep telling me how much better it will make me feel. My hair is virtually gone on the side that I sleep on, I think I will cut the other side. I am not shaving my head or paying anyone to cut it. I have a couple of hats and ordered a few more things yesterday. I do have a wig but I don't know if I'll wear it for everyday. The birds woke me up at 4:30 so I think I am going to try for a nap this morning before I go  back to the clinic.

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  1. Hope you enjoyed Nashville. It's a great city (because my children and grandchildren live there!) Yes, I would move if I could.

    Prayers for you as you continue treatment. I was driving one of my friends last year back and forth for treatments 30 miles away and now she is doing great! Believe that you will do. Keep the faith.


  2. Hi Linda,I just had chemo number 3 I have decided each is different! Great pics! Keep moving forward! Hugs

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely vacation! Glad to hear you are doing well with the chemo. Enjoy the holiday weekend...:)

    Blessings, Vicky