Monday, May 26, 2014

More of Nashville

One of the maybe, not so popular, places we visited in Nashville was the Upper Room Chapel. The tour included a lovely taped talk in the main chapel and off to the side is a small chapel for prayer and reflection. Outside is a beautiful agape garden....which we were all about b/c there were no gardens to be seen in WI at this time.
part of of the very large stained glass window
nearly life sized carving of the Last Supper

in the back you can see the stained glass window

carved piece of art


paper mache music stand


just some of the beautiful artworks

Next we headed to the Tennessee Centennial  park where we viewed the Parthenon. 

 this wall depicts the history of Tennessee, it breaks apart when the civil war appears
 There's a tribute to WWI

These are the bell towers, 95 of them because there are 95 counties in TN. The bells play music every hour. 

Every state has a bell tower also.,
The state capitol lays at the end of the park. 

It's a beautiful park, I'm not sure where it changes from Centennial park to the Bicentennial park. We were there over lunch  and many people were walking and enjoying the wonderful weather. We at in the huge food court. There was also a flea market but I didn't have time to check that out.

More to come.......................

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, so far our weather has been perfect, although it looks like we might get some rain later. I hope it hold out until after the cook out at my friends.  I'm still kinda tired after Thursday's treatment. Our grandson was here Saturday night, all day Sunday, and Sunday night, and will be here most of today, so I couldn't rest as much as I'd like. He's pretty happy to spend lots of time on the computer and TV so is not very hard to take care of...but....and NO I can not say no to him. 


  1. Oh thank you for a lovely tour. I loved the pictures and your explanation of them was great.

  2. I am pretty sure that the joy of being with J is as good as the extra rest. Today is an awesome day to rest! Pat and I went for a nice walk after the few drops of rain we had last night. Glad that it held off for today.

  3. Enjoying the sights of Nashville through your eyes. What a lovely time of the year for your trip.

  4. I'm just catching up with what is going on for you, Linda, after meeting with Carolee the other day. I've been MIA from the cyber world for some months now as I'm dealing with my own (non-life threatening) health problem so please excuse my being so late in telling you that I'm sending my prayers your way for a full and speedy recovery.

    Much love to you,

  5. Loved the photos. Some pretty sights. I really like the carving of the last supper. Pretty!

  6. Sounds like Nashville was fun for you. I had hoped to maybe meet you, but life has been so busy and the time has flown by too fast.