Sunday, May 11, 2014

It's Inevitable

I feel fine, wonderful, like my own self again
it's inevitable....
I have another chemo 10 days.
I want to say "I feel fine, I don't want any more treatments".
the test reports say otherwise.
in those forthcoming days 
I have plans:
coffee with a friend,
the Stamp a long,
an appointment to discuss wigs,
dentist (not too excited about that one),
book club,
spending my friend's gift certificate at the thrift store,
more lab work and another Dr appointment,
a 4 day bus trip to Nashville, TN.

The bus trip with other Red Hatters has been planned for months. Carolee and I have gone on 2 other trips with them and we enjoy it so we signed up right away!!!
Originally my 2nd chemo was scheduled for that Monday, but I talked to the Dr and he moved it to Thursday when I'm back. YAY!!!
I have several trips or events planned this summer and it looks like my chemo treatments are scheduled for after them.
I consider myself lucky - I have all of my hair, although it looks like crap. It's dull as can be :-( and I'd like to color it.....but I won't. 
What will happen after round 2???
Loosing my hair will really bother me, I know it will. I have naturally wavy red hair (even though it doesn't look like it now that's what I grew up with). It was never quite right when I was growing up - wrong color, too curly- but as I've grown into an adult I have developed a liking to it.

early 1990's

Thanks for taking the time for my musings...........
Hope you have/had a great Mothers Day!!!

We are having a partly cloudy day and the egg hunt will go on as planned.
I am sad that my sister is not coming, she doesn't feel wll and doesn't want to get me sick. Two of my son's will not be here either, but I will enjoy the company of those who will celebrate the day with us!!!!


  1. I have a liking to redheads. I was one...not wavy but dark auburn ~~with age and life it is not streaked with a lot of grey. My mom told me when I was young, be glad you are a redhead, they turn blond not grey.... I must grey is rather blond looking..Just saying.

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. I am SOOOO glad to read your comment about red heads turning blond and not grey. I keep telling people that my hair is blond and not grey, but they disagree.

  2. I should have spelled checked....haha...I said it had NOT streaked...I lied..It's streaked....

  3. Had a nice day at your house glad you invited us! Doesn't seem like that photo was taken that long ago, but look at the kids! That is E, not J!
    We will all be there for you. If you want, I will go to the wig appointment with you.

  4. What a wonderful escape from my little world into yours! I enjoyed reading your writing. May you be blessed with so many more wonderful surprises as you take this journey, that no one wants to take, with grace and humor. You will come out just fine and who knows just how blonde your hair may turn! Redheads are truly a blessed and special bunch.