Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stampin' Up Cards

Monday afternoon I went to the Stamp a long and made a few cards:
I always need birthday cards.

Everyone who was there got a free small stamp for coming....I think it was for Mother's day. 
I chose the 'Miss you' stamp that fit perfectly in one of the squares in the card below.

Cute, simple card....perfect for one of my granddaughters.

Yesterday afternoon my bff and I went to a salon to discuss wigs. That was perfect timing because my fine, thin hair is getting thinner. I found one wig that was the right color, it was OK and not expensive. Then I saw another short one that I liked the style of and the color was OK. I tried it on and we all liked it. It was a lot more than the other one but I really liked it so I bought it. Unfortunately our insurance doesn't cover wigs. After that we stopped at the cancer center and I picked up some more head coverings. They provide such a service, there are bins and bins of things you can just take. It's been donated by cancer survivors and I'll donate my stuff back when I am through with it. I should have plenty of stuff for now....if I need something different I can take my time and be choosy. 

Boy, today was cold........brrrr.........The sun finally came out late this afternoon but the thermometer never even hit 50. On the bright side it's going to to 80 in body will be in shock!!!
Guess I better find some tank tops and capris to pack!
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  1. Super cute cards, Linda. I'm sorry about your hair...that must be a hard thing to bear. I lost a lot of hair after surgery some years back and I felt so helpless when I couldn't make it look better. You have such a sunny attitude on your blog so I hope you can find the sunny side of things. I wish you well.

  2. I am happy you found a wig you like, Linda. The good ones really are expensive, aren't they? The cheap ones never look quite like real hair. Hope you enjoy your trip to Nashville and the warm weather. We are cold here, too, and they are saving freezing temps by tomorrow morning-xo Diana

  3. I'm still praying that your hair will "stay put" till you're home from Nashville. I went wig shopping with my sister when she began chemo. I was surprised at all the beautiful choices and how "real" they looked. I hope you really like the one you chose. They're not cheap but worth every $ as you're moving through the chemo zone...I'm so glad that it's time to wear capris. You're gonna have a great time in Nashville. I'm going there in September! Enjoy!

  4. You are a strong a positive lady. I am praying for you and your family.
    The weather is chilly here too, though I really don't mind, I rather it this way than real hot.
    Blessings . Catherine