Wednesday, May 21, 2014


What I was thinking on the bus as we drove to Nashville:

The sun so bright and warm,
green grass and flowers abound.
Missing spring so I want to cry.

Red hat upon my head, 
strands of gold floating around.
Fearing it almost makes me cry.

The beauty, the blessings,
just some of what I have seen.
His love brings a tear to my eye. 

We saw this could on the way home tonight......I think it looks like a heart, do you!

It's back to reality; the trees are still sprouting leaves, fields are not green, flowers have not been planted, and it is NOT warm where I live. So, for now, I will remember the warmth and flowers from the last couple of days,


  1. I can see the heart. This has been a crazy week...and it's not over yet. I'm truly grateful for the health and strength to get through those kinds of weeks.

    Hope you have a great week.

  2. Beautiful poem, Linda. You missed a gorgeous day yesterday....even in TR!

  3. I see it! The heart.
    You've got a great eye, Friend.
    Hope you'll share some of your trip to Nashville.
    Hope you had a wonderful time.