Saturday, May 10, 2014

It Was A Very Good Day

Friday, it was a very good day.
I slept good the night before, got up early, answered a 6:42AM phone call and spent an hour on the phone with my bff. 
At 7 my grandson calls and asks me if I can bring spoons, cups, and french vanilla ice cream to school for his project for the culture fair. Mom knows I will not say no. She wouldn't let him call me Wednesday night to ask if I was going to be attending book munchers. I showed up at the school Thursday with lunches for both boys......the older boy has a different lunch than J so he went through the line and purchased his lunch....which he ended up tossing b/c he preferred the sub I brought. I was able to catch J on the way down to the lunch room so we had lunch together. One of S's friends told him I was at school so he found us in the library and I was able to spend a few minutes with him too.
Life is good.
After my phone calls I enjoyed some computer time.
Then I got another phone call from a friend who wanted to come over......I in my jammies, and she was dressed. "Sure come on over"
Kathy brings me this beautiful, hand made lap quilt that matches my living room perfectly. 
You can't see it here, but there are 72 tiny buttons that are the quilting part. 
It would have taken me years to make something like this.

 When I open the box I see this personal message.

I tell Kathy that someday, when she has a few minutes I want her to look at my sewing machine, it's new, and just a cheap basic machine but I was having trouble with it. She told me the bobbin thread was wrong, she re threaded it, and actually took in the blouse I was working on. I still have to zig zag and trim the seams...but it's done!
Thanks Kathy.
Life is good.

At 12:30 I was at J's school for their class's 'culture fair'. The students pick a country, make a board, write a report, etc. They often have food samples, hence the ice cream I picked up for J.
Hubby was off work, he didn't go with me.
Both of J's parents were home, they didn't attend......J said mom 'didn't feel good'.
I offered his dad a ride but he ignored my text.
Later I saw pictures on facebook of dad and the younger brother at the park....taken by mom.
Last year I attended J's older brothers culture fair and mom was there with her brother. 
When I told dad he missed the fair he said J waited until the last minute and his brother and cousin helped him with it. I wanted to say that I thought there should have been a little parental involvement.....but I did not.
I could see evidence of parental help all over the place.....they made the food, help with costumes, one girl wore a t-shirt that her mom (I talked to the mom) had drawn and colored the flag on. 
Why can't they be parents and take part in the boys life???? The older one is very responsible and agreeable, this middle son is outspoken and often not agreeable, the baby (almost 4) is the BABY. I can just see the trouble brewing :-(
I admit his board was one of the worst ones there but I was there to encourage him and I will be there for all of my grands if at all possible.
Life is good.

It was kinda nice that afternoon so I sat outside and read for a while.
That is nearly perfection for me.
Hubby pulled out the deck furniture.
After all we are having an egg hunt on Sunday.

Last night I sat on the floor, in front of the TV and filled this many many? Don't know, too lazy to count.
Hubby will hide as many as he can and the rest will get tossed on the lawn.
Life is good!



  1. Linda, the quilt is amazing! You are so great at living in the moment! I agree about the parenting grand is only a year and a half but the choices my son and his wife are making drive me insane but not my place to say. Andcompletely out of character for ME I don't! But his life is young yet so who knows I may still cross a line :-)

  2. It is sad that everyone that sees J's board KNOWS that he didn't have any help with it. It is also great because they KNOW that their child's board would look worse than that if they hadn't helped. Those kids are so lucky to have you!