Saturday, August 27, 2011

the Weekend So Far

First I have to tell you that today seemed like Sunday..........because I had the boys overnight last night and grandson J usually stays on Saturday night. I was off on Friday so that added to the confusion. Hubby and I were scheduled to have our photos taken for our church directory late in the afternoon. I was sooooo stressed about it all day.......if it would have been something I could have canceled I would have, I was all worked up about it. I didn't know what to wear, the guidelines said a solid color is best and long sleeves........I don't have anything that looks NICE that is long sleeved and a solid color. The previous day I had a good hair day, yesterday I did not. I am the heaviest I have ever been....and old, the old doesn't bother me as much as the fat. Why do I have to like (and eat) everything, why can't I be the way I was as a kid???? (I was a picky eater, ate very little, and was skinny before skinny was cool). I think I 'forget' that I am not thin any more and can NOT eat whatever I want without putting on weight. I finally chose a multi color top because I like it and think the colors are good on me. I even kept my glasses on because I always wear them now. We were in and out of the photo shoot in less time than you can say "I don't wanna be here" 3 times. They didn't even ask us if we wanted to purchase any photos.....Hubby isn't a member of the church and doesn't like his photo taken anyway so he never said a word....and I don't like the way I looked so I just picked out the one for the directory and we were off!

Brotherly love.............they got along really good this morning, no squabbling at all. Pig Joe Pig (named by grandson J) watches in the background).

This game isn't going quite the way he wants it to.

Now he's happy! Grandson J definitely has personality plus. Do you know people who seem to be even tempered and not very emotional? My hubby is like that, but not our grandson (me neither-although I am much better as I get more 'mature'). This kid can be so personable (he'll come into my bedroom after we've said our prayers and good nights) just to say "I love you". He can be so thoughtful and helpful....but then if something doesn't go his way he can throw a royal fit, just like his dad. There's not much a grandparent can do, except to love, pray, and enjoy them.

Today was another perfect late summer day, so after mom picked up the boys and hubby left for golf I grabbed my book and ice tea and plopped myself into my lounge chair on the deck for a couple of hours. I LOVE those kind of afternoons. I also baked 2 loaves of chocolate zucchini bread and made another 7 layer salad for a cookout we're going to tomorrow afternoon. After hubby got home from golf a friend of his brought over a pizza for us and the guys watched the baseball game while my SIL and I went for a walk. I need to do that more often!

Hope your weekend is going as well as mine!

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