Friday, August 12, 2011

I know I'm Helpless

I was really sickened to see my 6 yr old grandson's condition yesterday afternoon, and there's not a d** thing I can do or even say. I just keep praying that the DR will open her eyes and find out what the real problem is.........but if a person is persistent enough with THEIR diagnosis and the treatment THEY want is the DR talked into it????

I am not a DR nor am I the parent, but I have spent enough time with the boy to know him. I can see 'something' .....he is EXTREMELY scared to try new foods, he has the same personality as his dad (when things don't go his way he throws a fit and/or walks away). He was diagnosed with ADHD, mom thinks he is bipolar (like her and her mom), they've tried different medications and nothing is working. In my opinion I think it's just a personality trait (or some Aspergers) that would be best dealt with by family counseling, not drugs. I had one thought and when I mentioned it to the parents I was accused of trying to be his dr. I believe DRs are NOT gods and you have to do some thinking on your own, get a 2nd opinion, & there's nothing wrong with challenging their 'expertise'. I know I ranted about this before, but it is on my heart again after yesterday afternoon.

The boys spent the afternoon with me and I could see J was not himself, he was really subdued and quiet, never said a word to me in the car. Our first stop was the library (where I paid off the collection charges for one boy after he returned some LONG lost books- did it for the kid, NOT for the parents - mom seemed to think that it didn't pay to return the books after all these months. huh ???). On the way home J fell asleep (3 mile drive at the most). Thank goodness grandpa was home to carry him in the house.....J never moved a muscle and slept for almost 2 hours (3:15 - 5PM). He ate a little for supper and was up for 45 minutes and was back to sleeping for over an hour. When he got up he didn't want to play with his brother and the boys across the street so we worked on a craft. He's usually so full of life and fun loving but yesterday he was so really hurts my heart.

When mom picked him up she said he slept all of last evening at his other grandparents house too, but he never does that with her and she's more boring. I told her that I could see by looking at him that he wasn't himself....she said to J "see, you gotta change your attitude" ???? To my comment about him not being himself she just replied "I don't know".

My first husband was diagnosed with schizophrenia many years ago....right or wrong? (wrong now that I think about it) mental illness in his family and I never saw any signs of it. Anyway, I saw him on some pretty strong drugs to depress his 'disorder'.....I hated seeing him then and I hate seeing my grandson like this.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

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  1. Is this child seeing a pediatrician? Has a doctor diagnosed anything? My 6 year old grandson is now living with us. He takes two pills at 8 a.m. and they last all day. He remains inquisitive and energetic, but I can definitely tell when the medication wears off.

    I wonder if somehow his teacher could get involved.