Friday, August 5, 2011

Just Something I Found Interesting

As you know my interests vary a lot.........I do something for a while, get tired of it and move on. I think that is why I buy a lot of clothes at garage sales/thrift stores (I don't want to spend a lot on something that I will tire of in a year or 2). Thank goodness I don't act that way with my husbands & friends. Lately I've been shopping a lot (and returning a lot too).....I digress.....remember this bracelet I made? The other day while browsing the clearance jewelry I saw the same bracelets (at 2 different stores) with charms attached .......hmmmm....did not know I was so 'with it' :-) The problem with my bracelet is that it's rather heavy. So keep it up crafty are ahead of the times!!!! BTW the 3 strand necklace that I made a couple of days ago was on my neck yesterday while I was shopping and it draped perfectly and looked great....if I do say so myself.

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