Friday, July 31, 2015

A Day At The Pool

Last week I took our 3 grandsons and met my step-daughter, her husband, and their daughter so we could spend a day at the pool and the kidss could play. 
when I pulled up to pick up the boys only mom was outside on the front porch, so she called for them to come outside. The next thing I knew she was yelling (not talking in a stern voice ~ that I could understand) at the middle boy and threatening to send him inside and not let him go along. He was crying....and I was thinking that maybe no one would go if they all could not. I guess he didn't remember what she had told him the night before. She then asked the older boy if he remembered and he said he wasn't paying attention (he is usually no trouble at all), so she just kept on after J. Finally we got it tamed down and we were on our way. Whew!!!
The last time I took them someplace I pulled onto the side of the road  twice and YELLED the 2nd time. 
The youngest boy knows how to push the middle one's buttons and J falls for it. The youngest one would NOT listen to me a couple of weeks ago...but mom doesn't care about that, he's the baby...he's almost 5.
I'm happy to say all was fine on the way to Jessica's.

They definitely had a good time.

I brought suntan lotion, snacks, water, swim trunks, and a towel for grandson J..(he left his trunks here). But I forgot my own suit :-(   POOL....Linda what don't you understand about the word POOL??? I was told we were going to Pollack Pool. Well, I  saved the $3 senior admission fee for myself (since I was not going in). I did roll up my capris and wade once or twice. I watched and took lots of photos. 

We ate at Pizza Ranch before the pool and we filled our tummies again before we came home.
Two of the 3 boys slept on the way home. The youngest one slept all the way (about an hour and 1/2). It was nice and quiet....ahhh

Yes, it was a good day!


  1. Don't you love it when all ends well? I'm taking my oldest three grands to Burgers Lake in Fort Worth on Wednesday. From the time they open at 9 am to the time they close at 7 pm. I used to do MiMi Camp but this year I am played out! I did for them when they were younger and now they are involved in so many activities! My sisters and sister in law and both daughters are coming as well so it will be like a big family reunion!!

  2. Nothing is sweeter than that quiet moment in the car when they are all sleeping. What cute pictures to got. You are a terrific Grandma.

  3. Too bad your outings have to start with some drama! Glad it was so much fun in the end though. Remember the suit! I got to go in the pool at convention but Tracy had forgotten to pack her suit. She just dangled her feet for awhile.