Thursday, July 30, 2015

This 'n That on Thursday

Our ten year old grandson comes over almost every saturday've often seen his pictures and read about him. As a baby he was slow to crawl, to walk, and we didn't think he'd ever get potty trained. But he sure could talk early and intelligently. I am not one to use baby talk.....I hate it. I know his family used the typical baby talk but it didn't happen in our house. I watched him on weekends and for a short time when mom had a day job. I liked to take him for walks in the stroller; our regular route was to the thrift store, then to Walgreens (they have a big bathroom), and on the way home we'd stop at the park if he was awake. I loved pushing the stroller and walking kept my weight down too. I'd talk about lots of different things: the color of the flowers, leaves, and point out different trees, small critters, and we'd look at the fish in the pond that's next to the sidewalk. I'd talk to him like he was a young person, not just a little kid. We still talk a lot, he feels I am one of the few people who really care about what is going on in his life. I listen. I am the one he gives his school papers to at the end of the week. I have his back pack with all his school stuff in it. On saturday night I ask him about the best part of his week and also the worst. Quite often he doesn't have a worst part.....does that make him an optimist? 
Helping grandpa put the new grill together

We were talking Sunday afternoon and I asked him if he thought he'd get married (his parents marriage just isn't working) he said 'yes'. I also asked if he wanted children, 'yes, I want to adopt'. I didn't ask him why....I am usually a WHY person. We did talk about the fact that some people just can not take care of a baby. I did not tell him that I encouraged his parents to put him up for adoption, but we did discuss his 2nd cousin who is adopted and has a wonderful adoptive family. That would be Deb at Sharing Interests.  BTW I am so glad (for my sake) that he wasn't put up for adoption!
His plans for the future are quite lofty - 
*pastry chef
*some kind of doctor

I pray he does do something with his life!!

About 10 days ago I had a Wildtree freezer workday at my I had to purchase freezer bags. I bought Glad bags, but at least 3 of them ripped down the sides when I opened them. So a few days later I called the company...I think it's best to talk to a person. I talked to a gentleman and he asked a few questions, he wanted the numbers from the boxes, but I couldn't find what he wanted. He said 'no problem' and offered to send me a $5.50 coupon, which I received this week. Great customer service. It pays to complain...but I always do it nicely.

Have a great's almost here!


  1. What a special little man you have there! I finally had to not do it nicely after complaining to the apt manager about being unable to lock my door. My daughter's home was invaded and I found it this week. Scary. So sometimes you have to get mean. My door is fixed now.

    1. Yes, those circumstances definitely called for assertiveness and determination! Glad it's fixed.