Thursday, July 16, 2015

More Bargains

The other day I did find some 'good stuff'.
The game THERAPY. 
Nope, I've never heard of it either. I just liked the box and the game board.....maybe I need a little therapy??? It would be neat to hang on a wall, I've always liked that idea....whether I'll do it or not is a different story.

I don't think I'll play it....but who knows someone here MIGHT be bored enough to try it.

I also picked up a loooooooooong valance which I will turn into a new one for my laundry room.
Two very small be used in a craft project?
A Green Bay Packer baseball cap for one of the grands.
A barely worn pair of Champion shoes, they are a lot more comfy than my current tennis shoes. I'd like to wear them when I go cherry picking but I don't want to get them I'll wear my old ones.
I also picked up a magazine and 2 paperback books (we donated them to one of the Little Free Libraries)

All of these treasures for $6.83

I took 2 bags of donations to the thrift store and brought 1 bag least it wasn't the other way around. 
Slowly, VERY SLOWLY cleaning up around here.

Hope you are having a fantastic's going fast!


  1. Linda, That game could be fun. You got some good finds. Love the little doilies. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Oh sure found some good finds. I've played the game once. The hard part is you have to try to guess how the other person will answer the question. Makes for some laughs, and possibly some hurt feelings...HaHa. The tennis shoes look great. My hubby collects all kinds of baseball caps.

    Have a great day...

  3. Great finds and I just bet you had a good time finding them!!
    Never saw the game before - but now I will be looking for it!

  4. You sure are a good thrifter!

  5. Great finds...that game sounds funny! Good for you onl bringing one bag home. I donated 4 large boxes and 3 bags of stuff this week! Feels so good to get rid of junk! Have a lovely weekend...)