Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"All You'll See Is Face"

This post may resonate more with those of you who have lost your hair for any reason. I love my new, very short hair; even though I am not sure what color it is. It's going to stay short and I'll keep the color...unless I decide to play with it at a later date, but I like the light color. It has opened a whole new color scheme of clothing for me.
Everyone who sees me tells me they love my hair and I believe them.

I was walking and talking with a friend the other day, we were talking about what she wants to do with her hair. Most of my friends deal with "Should I leave it go grey?" Some don't want the hassle and expense of coloring it so they have let it go naturally grey. One friend has really pretty grey hair, another doesn't even need to cover the grey, because there is none. Coloring is not what this is about.
My friend has longish hair, past her shoulders. It's just a loose style. I told her I think she should get it cut short, really short. I guess she talked about short hair with the gal who does her hair and was told  that if she did that "All you'll see is face". Is something wrong with seeing a person's face? I have come to believe that we hide behind our hair....I did. I never wanted my ears to show, I always had some kind of bangs, I often had big hair. But I was forced to have short hair, really short hair and I love it. It's curly and so easy to take care of. I've always had a natural curl so I can't say if this is different, because my hair was never this short. I know my mom would love it too!
I loved my long hair when I had it....but those days are over. My hair was curly and red and I didn't care if people noticed my hair first, but now I want the focus to be on me, on who I am.
Does society associate long, flowing hair with youth?
 I think so and I don't believe it. Just because your hair is long it doesn't make you look young. I think a good short cut will accentuate your face and youthfulness.What's wrong with seeing your face???
A couple of months ago I attended an art night and noticed a woman who had her head shaved so I approached her as a fellow cancer patient. She wasn't, she had shaved her head a year ago for her nephew who had cancer. She loved it so much that she keeps it up. She says people notice her face now.
If you love your long hair that's ok, but don't rule out short hair and it's benefits. I'm a believer. 


  1. I tend to agree with you!!! I had long hair until I had cancer in 1989. No chemo but I had it cut 'short' since I had to deal with the after effects of surgery AND I had a 3 year old and a baby! Although long, I kept it in French braids or a twist or something UP and off my neck! Bangs just about always. Then when I decided to change my life in my early 50's I had it cut SHORT - like yours! I felt such freedom!!! I still keep it in varying degrees of short now.....Sometimes longer in front but always shorted in back!
    I love YOUR hair and your attitude!!! I like FACES, don't you????

  2. Linda, I think your hair looks cute. My daughter lost her hair when fighting cancer...she cried many times. But it has come back in just as thick. She had some cute wigs she wore during her treatment times. She just did not want to be seen without hair...some are different. It's ok. we have to appreciate their fight. Stay strong girl, xoxo,Susie

  3. I LOVE your short hair! I think short/shorter hair on women my "age" looks very nice. Since I've spot coloring my hair over a year now, I also love it the color it is!
    Each to their own.

  4. I love your hair.Looks great on you. But look at mine. I fought for YEARS to have long hair(straight). Mine wouldn't grow.(no matter what I did) Once I hit menopause, it grew. I know I need to have it trimmed(doesn't grow even in back) but I can't even get myself to go in. Hair stylists always love to cut more than I want. I also have a huge problem with letting mine go natural. I 'think' it would be like a silver/gray. I don't want to look old letting mine go natural.

  5. For a long time I was afraid of short hair, cause I didn't like my ears! It was so easy to care for though. I also like long hair, but don't like it in my face! I am hoping to be able to pin it back soon! It is only fair that I have long hair ONCE for my husband who has never seen me with long hair! I like your short hair too!