Thursday, July 9, 2015

Does This Skirt Make My Butt....

.....yeah, it makes me look big. 
But that's ok.....ya need big hips for that hula dance....we never did get the promised lessons. I improvised and made up my own dance.

Our July Red Hat meeting was held at our Queen's home. We had an Hawaiian Luau. Sandi always has a fabulous set up when we meet at her home. She's already signed up to do the July 2016 meeting her home again. Every month one or two gals are the hostesses for the month and plan where we'll meet and IF we have an activity...that doesn't happen often. *sad face*
She lives near the lake (Michigan) so it's cooler...and it was cool that evening. She had everything decorated so nicely. Her hubby helped a lot because she injured her back.

She served Mai Tais......they were DELICIOUS!!!

We all dressed in our finest Hawaiian attire.
 We moved inside to eat and have a short meeting. We had several Hawaiian dishes...some very good and some I didn't care for. 
 We had to get a group photo. 

We always have fun when we get together, especially when we can just sit around and visit. Some of us attempted to hula hoop and I performed a hula dance (thankfully it was not caught on camera).


  1. How fun! I love to get together with my girlfriends and just sit and talk and eat! LOL! So much fun and so good for the soul! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos! )

  2. How fun....I can just see you...twirl, twirl, twirl......grass skirt flowing...

  3. Looks like you had a great time and everyone got in the Hawaiian spirit. I think you look great in your grass skirt. Maybe in one of your thrift store hunts you'll find a coconut bra to go with it...which would make for a very interesting outfit to wear when you go grocery shopping. lol

  4. Fun times! Wow! We are both in the pictures! Sandi sure did a wonderful job!

  5. Oh I must steal your photos! Had a good time that night!