Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hand Painted Scarves

Last week our library had a silk scarf painting class. They want to do more crafty events....yay!!! I went to the fairy garden activity that was held in spring and really enjoyed it....I am not that into fairy gardens, I just like the little gardens.
A good friend and I decided to paint a silk scarf...for free! I have always loved libraries .....'back in the day' when you had to whisper inside and could only get books; at one time my local library loaned artwork,  and now there are movies, music, toys, e-readers, e-books, and  magazines to borrow. And it's all FREE! Summertime brings lots of children in for the summer reading program and the activities...I haven't taken the boys to any this year. The library offers so many free things. I wish more parents would take advantage of it.
Back to the scarves........
We made flower centers by taking a bottle cap, twisting it, and securing it with a rubber band. Now, this didn't have to be a flower, but mine was....sorta.

Next we painted the dyes on...fun!

We watched them bleed into various shapes.
Carla and I really had a good night and loved it....maybe we'll do it again??? 

 As I was on my way out I heard a familiar voice and saw a (maybe) familiar face.

Annie and I met early this spring at an Art Night. I noticed she had her head shaved and thought she was also a cancer patient so I went to talk to her, But she had shaved it for her son who was a cancer patient. I didn't know who she was and never saw her after that. We chatted a bit and caught up, she's very philosophical and I enjoyed talking to her again. I posted this picture on facebook and a mutual friend tagged her. We hope to get together again, now that we know who each other is. 
It's a small world. 

Last week was a busy one....so...there's more to come!
Stay tuned!!!


  1. What a fun and functional craft. Love the colors in your scarf and it matches your jacket perfectly. How nice to meet up with a old friend. I know several people who are willing to shave their head for a loved one battling cancer.

  2. WOW ~ I love the craft. I would love to make one. A fun, fun idea.

    I also loved your story. Very special.

  3. It is a small world! It always amazes me how people connect when you take the time to talk to them. The scarves are beautiful! Wish I could have been there with you.

  4. Your scarf is gorgeous! I've got to pay attention to what all goes on at the Lester Library, I would have loved to join you in scarf painting.
    It's so nice that you reconnected with your new friend!