Friday, July 10, 2015

Thrift Store Bargains I Didn't Buy

I don't ALWAYS fill up my cart at the thrift store....sometimes I don't buy anything.
Here's what I didn't buy this week:
A t-shirt for my grandson......his family would take it seriously and I'd be more in trouble than I usually am .

The Natural Bra (as seen on TV). It feels kinda realish....kinda.... I did take it out of the package to check it out for you. I think you stick it onto your breasts....(embarrassing if they'd come loose.... ha ha ha). I don't need to increase my bust by a whole size so I left it there. 
A rain bonnet???
Nope, don't need one. 
One piece jammies.....maybe....
The local Red Hat groups in town are having a pj party for Halloween instead of a costume party....this could work....

Some NICE men's shoes, the pair on the right are a name brand and look almost new. I don't need any men's shoes so I passed those up also.

I hope you enjoyed browsing with me....hope I find some bargains soon. 

The weekend is upon us....yay!!!!
Hubby is bringing home fish for us tonight....another yay!!!!!


  1. I always enjoy browsing with you! You find the most interesting things!

  2. Ha Ha...I loved browsing....what fun, and didn't spend a penny. The shirt for your grandson reminds me of one we did buy for Kaleb...."It's all about me".....The only reason that it worked is everyone in the family including Kaleb would say that about him....he wore it proudly...and it was all about HIM.

  3. What a great idea!!! You found some real treasures! I'll have to try that sometime.....LEAVING something in Goodwill!!! Hahaha!! I would totally have bought that shirt!!

  4. Hey, you have other family. I resemble that shirt. LOL.

  5. I LOVE the tee shirt! You found some good stuff even if you left it there!