Friday, July 24, 2015

Never Again

Never Again???
What do you mean, 'never again?' I'm sure you've done something and said never did you ever do it again??? Just curious.
I mean that I don't think I'll EVER prep 20 main dishes at one time, ever again.
A while back my bff had a Wildtree tasting party. Have you heard of that company? Check them out here. It's a company that offers many organic seasonings, some are low sodium and no sodium. Since I am on a low sodium diet and sooooo many foods I cook  seem bland now I decided to try them out.
One event they suggest is to get together with friends and prep main dishes. It's suppose to be more fun cooking with friends. For about $79 you get all the seasonings you need to prepare 10 meats/protein main dishes. When you're finished you'll have roughly half of your spices left to keep on hand for future use. You purchase the protein and vegetables you need, cut up what needs to be cut up, pack it up into a cooler, and head for a friend's house to prepare. Last Sunday I volunteered to have a workshop in my house. I hardly ever have parties of any kind....and I don't go to any either. 
Thankfully only 2 other friends came over kitchen is small. 
We had our meats and veggies in freezer bags, added the oils and spices and sealed up the bags to freeze for use at a later date. Viola!
Half of the work is done!

Most of my friends are retired and with only 1 or 2 people in the house there's no need to prep meals for 4-6 people at a time. I thought it would be a great idea because I never know what to cook and if we only ate 1/2 of the meal I could freeze the remainder.

As usual grandson J was there to 'help'. He watches all kinds of cooking shows and likes to help in the kitchen...but is THE pickiest eater I have ever seen!
We did have fun getting together, but one gal headed home as soon as she finished so she could get her food into the freezer. Michele and Deb stayed to visit...we relaxed outside and talked.

Carolee and I did 20 meals...........not the suggested was a lot of work and a bit confusing....somewhat messy too....or maybe I am just messy....I know I am. I'm glad to have the main dishes in the freezer with only sides to make. Half of my battle is deciding what to make, but for 19 more meals I don't have much to worry about.

I've only made one meal so far and we liked it. My other friend's families all liked their meals too. A win win I'd say.

Do you cook meals ahead? Sometimes I'll make an extra meal loaf or freeze the leftovers for a later date. I do like the idea of having something in the freezer and just having to pull it out. 
Make ahead crock pot meals anyone???


  1. I don't like cooking but when I do, I like to cook ahead. Hosting one of those have never interested me. I guess I should have gone. Sounds like you have a lot of goodies for another time to pull out as needed.

  2. I do make some meals ahead. Freeze leftovers. My husband has to eat Gluten free so I make meals up ahead for him. Then I can eat what I want and he still has something to eat. Otherwise it was hot dogs or some other sausage. He can now have lasagna, enchiladas, stews, etc.

  3. The less time I spend cooking the better. I can't even imagine prepping and cooking up 20 main dishes doing a marathon session like you did! Ha, if it were me, the only thing I'd make after that would be reservations.