Sunday, July 5, 2015

Reading, Reading, Reading

I can be ambitious or I can be lazy.
I consider reading to be a lazy activity, but maybe I shouldn't. I was happy last summer when I felt well enough to do so. These past few days I have taken 'time off' just to read. 

I picked up The Survivors Club at the thrift store on my way to (??) because I knew I'd have to wait and I didn't have anything else with me to read. I suppose I could have played games on my phone, but I'd rather read something. 
I liked it!
Three women bonded together as victims (one way or another) of rape.
The authorities had the right guy, the DNA proved it....or did it? As the accused was brought to the courthouse for trial he was assassinated. Who did it? One of the 3 in the 'survivors club' or someone totally unexpected?
I'm not gonna tell.

Our book club read The Kommandant's Girl last month. I didn't go to the meeting because I wanted a night to stay at home and veg and also I hadn't finished the book and didn't want any spoiler alerts to disrupt my enjoyment. 
Emma is young, Jewish, and newly married when WWII takes place. Her parents die in a 'camp' but she is rescued and ends up pretending to be Gentile and working for the Kommandant. She struggles to help the resistance, worries about her new husband who is in hiding, and her feelings for her boss, and her pretend life. 
A very good book too!

I read The Girl On The Train in 3 days.....because I could only borrow it for 14 days from the digital library here.....I love to get books from there.
This book has received rave reviews.....have you read it? What do you think?
It was good, but almost every main character in the story was so messed up.....drunks, psycho, dysfunctional. A young woman rides the bus to and from work every day, she loves looking out at the houses and sometimes makes up stories about the people who live there. A woman is missing.....will what she saw help or hinder the police? 
It was a good book, but not 5 stars. 

I have MANY more books laying here..........what should I read next? It's Sunday afternoon and I don't plan to do much housework today!

I hope you had a happy and safe celebration this past weekend! We were good :-)


  1. I used to think reading was indulgent, too, but for me reading falls into the Necessary category, as a day without reading is not as "right" as a day that includes reading.

  2. I enjoy your reviews. I agree with Rosie...a little reading every day is good. I wish you could have been at the discussion of the Kommandant's Girl. You would have enjoyed it.