Tuesday, July 7, 2015

More Bargains

It's me again......with more thrift store bargains....how can I not share???

I picked up this brand new, tags on, Notations dress (original price $58) for $3. I'd never pay $58 for this dress......the material is easy to care for. I love the colors. I know, the shoes gotta go. I am not sure I like the higher hemline in front....different shoes will help. I love maxi dresses and wear them often in the summer. 
I also brought home an off white fleece vest for $2. I had been looking for a light colored one. I am so over all the dark colors in my closet. 
I have more to drop off this week...........so who knows what I will come home with me this week?

Hmmmm.....Not many comments on my reading posts.....but they are read.....should I stop those posts?

Hubby was offered a job on monday and has until Thursday to let them know if he's taking it. He had another interview last week and is waiting to see what they offer him.
pros:   it's nearby, the company is willing to hire him full time and directly,  not through an employment service (the guy really liked him, he'd be only the 2nd person hired direct  in 10 years if he takes that job)
cons:  the pay isn't as much as he had been getting, but more than they normally start new hire's with 

He will be so happy to get back to work, I know he's quite worried about our financial state and is considering a reverse mortgage.   I don't think I like that, but will have to do more research...Clark Howard here I come!!!

Wish us luck!


  1. Love the dress! I bought a high low dress last year and wasn't too sure I liked it at first but I got used to it. I think it looks very nice on you! I just got back from the thrift and found a few things. I am trying to not spend extra money in July but it's so hard not to!

  2. Linda, You are rocking that dress. LOL. I like it. I am praying for your husband to make the right choice. Could be if he takes the job, they like him and he gets a raise. Sounds promising. If the job is close by...he'll use less gas...be home quicker to spend time with you. :):) Blessings to you both, xoxo,Susie

  3. Yes, keep doing your reading post...I love to hear your heart stories. Love the dress... I live in long dresses and skirts....I'm sure there is some gypsy blood in my past. HaHa.

    You look so adorable and thin..the good kind of then....not skinny.

  4. Cute dress!! Hoping your hubby the best in his decision...

  5. Love long dresses for tinkering around the house in. Your bargain looks wonderful on you. You are one of my few that comment and I love hearing from you. Don't give up. Always like to check in on how life is happening with you.

  6. Linda, you are looking GREAT!!! Love that hem line!!

  7. That dress looks great on you just the way it is. And of course I read all your blogs. Keep them coming.

  8. Love the dress on you. You wear them well.
    Best wishes for the job!

  9. That dress looks awesome on you! I like your posts about the books you're reading or have read, I never know when I might learn of another good read.
    Good news about Kevin having the happy problem of choosing between 2 jobs!