Monday, July 13, 2015

A Quiet, Relaxing Weekend

Friday night Kev and I took the convertible out and went for a fish fry. He hadn't been driving it b/c the car was making a strange noise. When we left the bar the car seemed quiet so we drove around town and then stopped at McDonald's for dessert. What can I say???? We lead a simple life. Usually he brings a fish fry home for us but I wanted to go out. It was nice, nothing super fantastic, but nice.

Part of the weekend was spent reading.....

 in unusual places.
For the summer academy that grandson J is attending they are encouraging reading. The students in his class are playing reading BINGO. They can mark off a square for each different reading activity/place. 
This is the last week of school so he had some catching up to do. Most of his reading he did here. We read on the swings, under a tree covered up with a blanket, at our patio table. As you can see he also read in the bathtub and in a blanket fort. He likes to read, but he likes to watch TV more. 
When we finished reading on the swings at the playground across the street we picked up garbage....lots of it. The school has several garbage cans next to it but people still just drop it where they are. I am glad he wanted to help pick it up.

Most of saturday J spent in front of TV. I was busy outside and he did come out to help me plant a few things. We also played  UNO.
Sunday is when we did all the reading.
After lunch I wanted to go for a walk on the beach...(I love walking in the water at the edge of the beach) ..he wanted to stay inside so I had to bribe him with an ice cream treat afterwards.
I was a nice, warm day in TR. The water was clear and even warm, usually it's ice cold. At first he walked alongside my friend and me....

...but then he went out deeper and just walked along...singing all the way. He said it was a relaxing time. 

Yes, we got our ice cream, real ice cream, not soft serve. I got the 1/2 & 1/2 sundae....half hot fudge and half caramel with whipped cream and a cherry. I didn't take a picture b/c I didn't want to make you too jealous. 

Thanks for visiting and have a great week!
Hubby started his new job today. More about that later, when there is something to tell.


  1. Now that bathtub reading bed looks nice and cool! Not quite as cool as the beach, but close. Best wishes to your husband in his new job.

    I looked at many potting benches before mine was built. So glad that mine has given you some ideas. It's a fun and darling addition to my yard.

  2. "Readers are Leaders"....I truly believe this with all my heart, and encourage all our grandchildren to READ, READ. READ.

    I love the idea of finding difference place to read. Love your pictures. I have a book rack in our bathroom.

  3. Linda, Tell your grandson...he reading places were fun and it's so cool for him to be reading so much. As Wanda says in her comments, "Readers are Leaders". Thank you for not making me jealous with your yummy ice cream. LOL> Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  4. Linda, you're a great grandma! Your grandkids are going to have such wonderful memories that they've shared with you! Blessings, Bonnie

  5. Reading in different places, what a cool idea!
    Here's to Kevin's new job --- CHEERS!