Sunday, December 29, 2013

She's Thrifting Again

I wasn't even at the thrift store and I found this bargain. 
I was having lunch with 2 of my grandsons one day at their school (they have that almost every month) and it was also Book for a Buck day.....of course the boys wanted to buy books. I love books so I always look too. This oversize Norman Rockwell book caught my eye, I thought maybe there is something inside that I can tear out and frame. After looking at it I decided that I don't think I can wreck it. There are a couple of prints that are made to be taken out, but not exactly what I was looking for, so it will remain intact (at least for now). It's big, it's heavy, it was $1. I checked ebay and the cheapest I saw it selling for there was $14.99 on up to $49.99. I just picked it up because I like his prints.

Several days ago when I was in the thrift store I found ANOTHER purse....I know I don't need anymore! But it was a Vera Bradley.....and I love those...but won't pay full price for a quilted floral purse...too trendy.  But could I resist this adorable Mandy purse with 7 inside pockets, 1 outside pocked, zipper closure, and just the perfect size??? NO! I love it, love all the inside pockets for organization. If I ever do buy a Vera Bradley purse this will be the one. After I got it home I noticed that one of the handles is showing some wear, I was so excited to find it and had limited time so I didn't notice it in the store. I'm not sure what can be done about it, but for $1 I'll just use it for now. The other defect is that is smells of someone else's perfume, I can take care of that a lot easier than cigarette smoke odor.

Are you a Vera Bradly fan? Do you own any of their purses, totes, luggage? 
Do you own any Thirty One items? What do you think of them?

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  1. I do own a Vera Bradley tote and purse. I purchased them with gift cards I received last Christmas. I do like them and find them quite sturdy. I like you would never purchase them for full price. I never have tried any Thirty One item and would be interested in others opinion.
    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year

  2. I guess it pays to thrift shop frequently cause look at what you find! Good job!