Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

Only in WI? I'm not sure, have you seen a sight like this any place else? Saw the tent and lawn chairs sitting in someone's back yard on the way to my granddaughters Christmas concert last week. This tent has been up since late summer, I've seen it several times when I drive to Appleton or my daughter's and kept wondering when they'd take it down.....still wondering. So I'm guessing they do not have this tent set up for Christmas guests?????

 I guess I really shouldn't be talking though.......our hose is still coiled up outside on the hose reel on the side of the house. I guess it is my job to bring it in...........I usually do but hubby had been using  it often so I left it for him to take care of. Have I mentioned he more of a condo owner type of guy than a stand alone home owner type? 

Random thoughts:
1. If you don't send Christmas cards anymore do not feel like you have to mail me one after I've mailed one to you. It's ok, next year I will know that you don't do cards. I know a lot of people have stopped mailing cards. My hall wall use to be full of cards, this year I have only one tiny portion covered, and have only 3 hand made is from my grandson. 

2. If the snow keeps up like it has been I don't know what we are going to do with it.....we got about 8" on Sunday on top of the 3" we already had and more on Christmas eve. We desperately need a January thaw!!!

3. Christmas is over......and a Norman Rockwell holiday it was not. Family stress and drama....sigh...for the most part it was good, but one selfish person with a 'poor me' attitude, decided not to show and is hurting a lot of people who care about him. The positive that may come from that negative is that one person may see the good in another person, MAYBE!

4. On the up side, the very UP 5 year old granddaughter graciously thanked me today for the matching slippers. .....remember I gave my grandson slippers that didn't match, they weren't even the same size. 

I should be off today but my co-worker took a day of vacation so I'm off to work. I don't have any shopping to do anyway. 
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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