Saturday, December 28, 2013

I Have A Picture, But What Should I Write About?

I was fooling around with the computer last night (when I should have been downloading photos) and decided that I wanted to add text to my photos so I googled the topic and found this website. I took this photo yesterday morning and covered up the  ugly windows with words on my first attempt. I think I am going to like this!!! 
It is really easy, just download your photo and type the words. I had to compress my photo first. I opened my photo in my Microsoft Office software (use what your normally use), under picture compress is at the bottom and I chose web page. Maybe I could do the same thing with one of the photo programs I already have, haven't looked for it though. 
I just thought it would be a fun tip/site to share.

These are our  2 youngest granddaughters, I call them 'the little girls'. They are 5 and only see each other once or twice a year. They loved the make up!

Showing off their Rudolph candy bars. The boys are brothers. 

Miss M loved her Flipeez hat and wouldn't take it off. I guess I missed the shot with the tail up. 

There's a lot of family stress here with my step-son, prayers for his family would certainly be appreciated!

Yesterday I did not leave the house, I had a very lazy day....I DID get my kitchen and living room back in order and most of the laundry done. I've been craving a day to just be alone.

Today I think I'll tackle some of the mess in my craft area. I have some Christmas cards I am going to finish as long as the parts and pieces are still out. 

Tomorrow I am going to see 2 more of my grandkids. 
Blended families don't always blend so well. 

Have a GREAT weekend! I know some of you are celebrating Christmas this weekend.