Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Let The Partying Begin!

 It's December, the holiday season, Christmas parties, school concerts, baking, decorating, shopping, yadda...  yadda... yadda.
Tuesday night was the first of my Christmas parties - our Red Hat party.
We wore our red hats but were told that purple clothing was optional....seems like almost everyone wore red. We had a fun gift exchange, all the gifts were in the center of the table and when it was our turn we took a gift and were then instructed  (by a story that was being read) to keep or exchange the gift. It was a different and fun way to play the 'take away' game. 
Several Christmas cards and small gifts were passed out. We have such a nice group of women!

It was held at a restaurant that is connected to a golf course, we like it because we can have the backroom all to ourselves. The golf season is over so it was VERY quiet, it took a LONG time to get our food, and then it was sporadic and not always complete. I don't know whose fault it was. There was only one server, a really nice and calm young man. In spite of a few not so nice remarks he remained even tempered and very pleasant to us.

Aren't these party favors sooooooo cute?

They're made with full size candy bars, I imagine you could use miniatures too, just adjust the size. Two of our gals made them. 
Too bad I didn't make some for the St Nick's packages I have to mail out to my grands.....a little late, as usual. I'm sure, by now, they are surprised if I send a package on-time!!!

I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow, but it's going to be filled with errands galore. The first one of the day is stopping at the senior center to buy cut out cookies. I haven't baked them for years.....once I found out you could buy them and just decorate yourself I was hooked. The weekend is suppose to be COLD, sounds like perfect weather to stay inside and decorate cookies to me. Wish me luck!


  1. Looks like a fun party and those favors are darling! I saved them from Deb's blog. I saw your hat and think it looks MAV-AH-LAS, darling. Also the pictures of the kids were fun -even the cross-dressers-lol I am going to brine my turkey next year, too- xo Diana

  2. Glad you liked the favors. As soon as I saw that picture on Facebook, the light went on, and I thought, yup, party favors/place cards!