Sunday, December 22, 2013

Some Christmas Activities

I've been running myself ragged (or it feels like it) and I still can't sleep. To be honest I will be so glad when Thursday comes and I can 'relax' at work. I didn't do nearly as much as I usually do and I am still not ready for Christmas. 
We celebrated Christmas with my side of the family yesterday at my sisters. My sister and her family, my daughter and her family, hubby's daughter and her family, us and our 3 grandsons. It was a nice small group to visit with. The kids are all good and had their own space in the basement to hang out. 
This is my daughter and her 2 girls. They just happened to sit on mom's lap and I saw the photo op! And...............Walgreen's was offering a free 8 X 10 yesterday so I ordered one for them. 

I attended some concerts, This is J who spends a lot of time with us. 

One of our other grandsons had a reading part. 

I also went to thi ssweet  little girl's concert. Afterwards I had lunch with her parents and other grandma.

 Our oldest grandson wanted slippers. I got the ones he wanted on one of my first shopping trips. He is a very fine young man. He's been involved in tae kwon do for years and just started wrestling this year. He thanked me for the gifts.

We are in the middle of snowstorm 'Alice', fortunately for me I din't have any plans to go anywhere, except for church and that has been cancelled. Today is for cleaning & straightening up, writing out my list of last minute 'to dos'....and wrapping after grandson J goes home. 

BTW did you notice anything odd? 

I posted this photo of my grandson holding his slippers on facebook and no one noticed....
see it yet?

We all laughed so hard at my sister's.....
the slippers are NOT a matching pair....
I got them at Kohl's, one was shown on the outside of the box and the other was inside. I didn't open and pull it out, I just assumed they were the pair that was shown on the outside and the size was as stated.  
Well......the one that was showing is not even the right size.
The receipt is going in the mail tomorrow......
I hope they see the humor in it when the 'pair' is returned. 
My daughter is a scrapbooker this might be in the pages of Christmas 2013.

I probably won't be back until it is over and I can just sit and do to pick up a few things for grandson J gets up and wants to play a game or something. 

I do feel bad for hubby today - he's working 12 hours and then gets to come home to mounds of snow and clear our driveway and corner lot. Although sometime the neighbor does the front of the house.


  1. I noticed the slippers. Usually they check in the store, but I suppose they were too busy and have temporary help. Hope you can still find the ones you want. Jim has to go in to work tonight....hope they get the roads cleared!

  2. What an awesome picture of your three girls!
    I did a double take on the slippers and wondered why he was holding two different ones. Another good story for the scrap book!

  3. Wishing you a very happy Christmas with lots of love.